Thursday, November 1, 2012

Learning from the past and moving forward...

I now know that "planning" to update a blog and actually doing it are two very DIFFERENT things.  I still have the desire need to document this journey we are one.  My goal is still to gather information, advice, learn from others and to perhaps offer up something that might help others along the way.

To reach any goal you have to have a plan.  That is something I was lacking when it came to taking the time to actually write down what we are doing with Nathan.  So learning from the past and moving forward I have some clear goals on what I want this little spot of cyberspace to become.  I've written some steps on how I will get there.  I'll share those with you in the week to come.  You'll notice themed posts that will start to build a library.  A resource center if you will.

Stay tuned.....


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