Monday, April 9, 2012

A start of a converstation!

Nothing and I mean nothing is as exciting to be able to communicate with your children for the first ask a question (a question we've asked for 2 years) and have them ANSWER!!!! Yippee! Our family loves to share the highlight of our day with each other (okay Art and I do).

We started from day one asking Nathan what he liked best about the day - we finally had an answer.  We took Emily and Nathan to an Easter Egg Hunt at the local Children's Museum and on the way home were asking what the best part of the day was.  Emily of course chimed right in, right away.  Nathan was looking around and I wondered if he really understood what we asked.  We signed and spoke again and waited....and waited...and waited.  Apparently, he was really thinking about it.  He told us he liked looking for eggs above his waist! Had to chuckle because that was the rule for his age group - above the waist eggs only.  I asked if he liked anything else and signed "fire truck" (they have 1/2 of a truck for the kids to play on) and riding all the cars (they have all different types of transportation from around the world). Not complete sentences but enough "correctly" signed words that we all knew what each other was talking about.

Praise God - what an answer to prayer!  The whole communication thing is FINALLY starting to click....Nathan is such a hard worker and desperately wants to talk/sign with us.  He tries so hard.


PS - we've been INCREDIBLY sick for over a month and blogging (sometimes just getting up) was beyond the scope of what I could do in the day. Starting to feel some better....lets hope it sticks this time!

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